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Going deeper on the advice startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies and themselves.

In Depth — a new podcast from First Round Review

Welcome to In Depth, a new show that surfaces tactical advice founders and startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies and themselves. I’m Brett Berson, a partner at First Round, a venture capital firm that helps startups like Notion, Roblox, Uber, and Square tackle company building firsts.

Through 400+ interviews on The First Round Review, we've shared standout company building advice. The kind that comes from those willing to skip the talking points and go deeper into not just what to do, but how to do it. With our new podcast, In Depth, you can listen in to these deeper conversations every week. Learn more and subscribe today at

Episode 1

Molly Graham - Counterintuitive management lessons from Lambda School, Quip, Facebook & more

Our first episode is with Molly Graham, a seasoned exec and builder who excels at helping startups to go not from 0 to 1, but from 1 to 2. We’ve interviewed her four times on First Round Review — which might be a record — because the advice she has to share and the experiences she can draw from are unbelievably helpful to founders and startup leaders. She helped build and scale Facebook, Quip, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in their early days, and is now the COO of Lambda School. In this episode we dive deep into management. From the traps that are easy to fall into, to why you should be spending more time with your highest—not your lowest—performers, to the managers she’s learned the most from, Molly shares tons of insightful advice and practical tactics for stepping up your management game.

Episode 2

Product lessons from Cash App & Carbon Health - Ayo Omojola on going "unreasonably deep"

Our second episode is with Ayo Omojola, VP of Product at Carbon Health and the founding product manager for Cash App at Square, where he co-created the Cash Card. Tapping into his experience working in heavily-regulated spaces, we dive into how he finds startup ideas and goes "unreasonably deep" when building products. Ayo shares the frameworks he picked up from his time at Square, and details why he loves hiring former founders.

Episode 3

Lessons from a first-time CEO - Steve El-Hage on learning everything the hard way

Our third episode is with Steve El-Hage, co-founder and CEO of Drop, an electronics company that creates products powered by feedback by a massive community of enthusiasts and experts. Reflecting on his 8-year, heads-down grind since becoming a first-time founder at 22, Steve shares the lessons that he figured out the hard way, from revenue dropping off a cliff and painful pivots, to hiring blunders and severe burnout.