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In Depth

Going deeper on the advice startup leaders need to grow their teams, their companies and themselves.

In Depth — a new podcast from First Round Review

After publishing almost 500 profiles and attracting millions of readers on the First Round Review since 2013, we've learned a lot along the way about what makes for compelling conversations and standout company building advice. Whether it's an interview with a big name CEO or a VP you've never heard of, there's been a common thread across all of our most popular stories - a willingness to go deeper and an eagerness to share not just what to do, but how to do it.

With our new podcast, In Depth, we're taking the very same signature style we've cultivated over the years and delivering it in a new way, giving you a chance to listen in on these deeper conversations firsthand. We'll cover a lot of ground and a wide range of topics - from hiring executives and becoming a better manager, to finding your first customers - but every interview will hit the level of tactical depth where the very best advice is found.

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