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Newsletter Archive

September 27th, 2022

How Product Strategy Fails in the Real World—What to Avoid When Building Highly-Technical Products

Nate Stewart, CPO of Cockroach Labs, on when product strategy goes awry.

September 8th, 2022

Don't Let Growth Hurt Your Margins: A 4-Step Pricing Framework

Pricing pro Dee Sahni shares a highly customizable framework for tweaking your pricing model.

September 1st, 2022

The 5 Phases of Figma’s Community-Led Growth: From Stealth to Enterprise

Claire Butler, Figma’s first business hire, walks us through each step in the company’s community-building engine.

August 2nd, 2022

Why Now’s the Perfect Time to Retool Your Hiring Process and Get Creative

A step-by-step guide to streamlining and upgrading your interviews.

July 28th, 2022

The Critical Startup Skills You Probably Overlooking — And How to Bring Them Into Focus

Startup leaders share the skills you might not be paying attention to that you should be.

June 21st, 2022

Stop Overcomplicating It: The Simple Guidebook to Upping Your Management Game

Russ Laraway gives a sneak peek for his new book, “When They Win, You Win.” 

May 24th, 2022

A Manager’s Guide to Helping Teams Face Down Uncertainty, Burnout and Perfectionism

Author Liz Fosslien shares advice (and illustrations) on how managers can better support their teams through uncertainty, burnout, and perfectionism.

May 17th, 2022

35 Impactful Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Regularly

Step up your management game by asking yourself these 35 questions.

May 10th, 2022

A Tactical Guide to Working with EAs: How to Make Delegation Your Superpower

Sam Corcos, 4x startup founder, shares his dos and don’ts for working with EAs.

May 3rd, 2022

How to Chart Your Engineering Career Path: IC, Manager or Technical Founder?

Amber Feng, an early eng hire at Stripe & co-founder of Cocoon, shares her advice

April 26th, 2022

"Take Control of Your Desk," And Other Career Tips for ICs, Managers & Founders

Tips for ICs, managers and founders from former Splunk HR exec Shreya Iyer

April 19th, 2022

Ditch Your To-Do List and Use These Docs To Make More Impact — Brie Wolfson

Brie Wolfson (former Figma & Stripe) shares her personal collection of templates for staying focused on the work that matters.

April 5th, 2022

The Tactical Guide to Making Better Decisions When Starting and Scaling Companies

A tactical guide for facing big decisions from Annie Duke, a retired poker player, decision-making expert—and First Round’s new Special Partner.

March 22nd, 2022

Company Building Lessons Learned From Scaling Stripe & Notion

Tactical advice for founders and operators from First Round’s new partner Cristina Cordova.

March 15th, 2022

Run This Diagnostic to Thoughtfully Build (and Evaluate) Your Startup’s Culture

Culture can’t wait — use this Series A founder's words-actions-behaviors framework to build with intention in the early days.

March 8th, 2022

Set “Non-Goals” and Build a Product Strategy Stack — Lessons For Product Leaders

Advice for founders & product leaders from Ravi Mehta, former CPO at Tinder

February 8th, 2022

The Company-Building Cornerstones Every Founder Needs to Focus On — Advice From HubSpot

Early-stage company advice from co-founder/CTO Dharmesh Shah 

January 27th, 2022

Your Startup’s Management Training Probably Sucks — Here’s How to Make it Better

Melissa & Johnathan Nightingale, founders of Raw Signal Group, unpack the dos and don’ts for startups implementing manager training. 

January 25th, 2022

Great Startups Deserve Great Brands — 7 Early Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

After working with hundreds of startups on brand strategy, Arielle Jackson shares the 7 most common marketing mistakes early-stage founders make.