First Round Resources

We’ve compiled all of our most actionable templates, frameworks, playbooks and must-ask questions into one location.

Questions for Sales LeadersSales
Questions for EngineersEngineering
Questions for MarketersPR & Marketing
Questions for Performance Management and CoachingManagement
Questions for Conflict ManagementManagement
Questions for Goal-Setting and Decision-MakingManagement
Questions for Assessing Leadership EffectivenessManagement
Questions for Product FolksProduct
Questions for Charting Your Career PathPeople & Culture
Questions for InterviewingHR
Questions for FundraisingFounders
Questions for FoundersFounders
Questions for Before You Become a FounderFounders
Basic Growth EquationGrowth
Equations for Evaluating MarketplacesGrowth
Arc of Company Life FrameworksGrowth
Efficiency-Responsiveness SliderEngineering
Tailoring Compensation FrameworkHR
Compensation Transparency Spectrum HR
Prioritization SystemEngineering
Performance-Based Compensation Increases FrameworkHR
Rating System for Bad CodeEngineering
Tracking Engineering PerformanceEngineering
Empathy-Driven Development FrameworkEngineering
Early Exercises for Building a BrandMarketing
Content Experiment OpportunitiesMarketing
FAIR Framework for Internal Comms StrategiesMarketing
Crisis Comms FrameworkMarketing
A-E-I-O-U Model of Managing ConflictManagement
RACI and RAMS Frameworks to Create TransparencyManagement
Startup Positioning FrameworkMarketing
The RIBS TestMarketing
SPADE Decision-Making FrameworkManagement
Quadrants for Performance Assessment and FeedbackManagement
Business Model CanvasFounders
EBITDA Framework for ProfitabilityFounders
Startup Team-Building FrameworkFounders
SCARF Framework for Employee MotivationManagement
Stage Management TemplateSales
Meta Models for Effective CommunicationManagement
Startup Sales Growth StagesSales
Team Health Monitor FrameworkManagement
BANT FrameworkSales
Talent Growth TrajectoryManagement
Prioritizing NPS FeedbackProduct
The "No Hard Feelings" Decision-Making FrameworkManagement
Hypothesis TreeProduct
Customer Advisory Board Discussion FrameworkProduct
Caution-Speed SliderProduct
First Round Board Template: SAAS & Enterprise Version 2Founders
First Round Board Deck Template - SAAS & Enterprise Version 1Founders
First Round Board Deck Template - Consumer Web Version 2Founders
First Round Board Deck Template - Consumer Web Version 1Founders
First Round Original Pitch DeckFundraising
Wealthfront Equity PlanFounders
AppNexus' First Pitch DeckFundraising
Tom Hulme of IDEO - Designing for EmergenceDesign
Shawn Borsky of Hotel Tonight - Attacking RetinaDesign
Josh Brewer of Twitter on Designing All the ThingsDesign
Beau Smith of Square on Design ToolsDesign
Sahil Lavingia of Gumroad On His Founder JourneyDesign
Robert Lenne of How Designers Can Have Impact Beyond the Typical Job DescriptionDesign
Eric Fisher of TownSquared: The Fundamental Concepts of Social DesignDesign
Alex Rainert, Head of Product, on Foursquare's Product EvolutionProduct
Mike Nolet, Co-Founder and CTO of AppNexus: Overcoming Difficult Processes at ScaleEngineering
Joe Carrafa of Etsy: Internal Tools for EngineersEngineering
Eoghan McCabe, Founder and CEO of Intercom: Exploring the Role of the Designer/FounderDesign
How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by 500% in One YearEngineering
How Stripe Has Quietly Built One of Silicon Valley's Best Engineering TeamsEngineering
Why Yammer Believes the Traditional Engineering Organizational Structure is Dead WrongEngineering
The Inside Story of How 382 Recruiters Pursued an Imaginary EngineerEngineering
Why Every Startup Should Consider Pair ProgramingEngineering
Keith Rabois on the Role of a COO, How to Hire the Best and Why Transparency MattersFounders
Tim Westergren, Co-Founder of Pandora, on His Leadership JourneyFounders
What Every Founder Needs to Know About Building a Management Team Before it's Too LateFounders
What Bill Gross of Idealab Learned From His Failures in Starting 100 CompaniesFounders
Nick Shiftan, CTO of Curalate: The Future of DataEngineering
Twitter User Research Lead on How to Use Surveys to Find SatisfactionProduct
How Dave Goldberg of SurveyMonkey Built a Billion-Dollar Business and Still Gets Home By 5:30 PMFounders
What Scott Cook Wished He Knew About Being a CEO When He Founded IntuitFounders
Head of Amazon Web Services on Finding the Next Great OpportunityEngineering
How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb From Failing Startup to Billion-Dollar BusinessDesign
The Simple Four-Step Design Process for Building Product Customers Will LoveProduct
How Startups Can Partner With Big CompaniesSales
Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good BossManagement
Superstars vs Rock Stars: Inspire Your Team to Do The Best Work of Their LivesManagement
Humanizing Diversity and Inclusion with eBay's Chief Diversity OfficerPeople & Culture
Find, Vet and Close the Best Product ManagersProduct
Articulating Company Values & Living Them Authentically: Jeff LawsonFounders
Turbocharge Your Recruiting Machine: NerdWallet's Flo ThinhHR
Square Defangs Difficult Decisions with this System — Here’s HowEngineering
How Gusto Built Scalable Hiring Practices Rooted in TraditionHR
It’s Price Before Product. Period.Product
How Warby Parker Makes Every Point In Its Employee Lifecycle ExtraordinaryHR
"Get in the Van" and Other Tips for Getting Meaningful Customer FeedbackProduct
Indispensable Growth Frameworks from My Years at Facebook, Twitter and WealthfrontProduct
Facebook's Jocelyn Goldfein: The Software Delivery Methods That Work for Your BusinessEngineering
The Yin & Yang of Communications: Caryn MarooneyMarketing
Dropbox's Tido Carriero: Sourcing Product IdeasEngineering
AirBnB's Mike Curtis: Minimizing Bureaucracy Within EngineeringEngineering
Etsy's COO, Linda Findley Kozlowski: Demystifying Operations at Your StartupFounders
Kevin Ryan: Fundraising Lessons From 20 Years Spent on Both Sides of the TableFounders
Atlassian's Aubrey Blanche: Making D&I Your New Competitive AdvantageFounders
Eventbrite's Terra Carmichael: Common Comms Mistakes for StartupsPR & Marketing
Instagram's Jim Everingham: Leading with TransparencyEngineering
Three Brand Marketing Exercises Every Startup Founder Should Do: Arielle JacksonMarketing
Ciara Trinidad: Driving Diversity Initiatives and Programs at Your StartupFounders
Sam Schillace of Box: How to Architect and Optimize Engineering Performance CultureEngineering
Formula for Setting Metrics and Goals for Sales Rep PerformanceSales
Building a Sales Deck TemplateSales
Templates for Creating Your Startup Origin Story and Value PropositionSales
Script Templates for Sales Calls and EmailsSales
Email Templates for Deepening Your NetworkCandidates
Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers MatrixCandidates
Template for Engineering Culture ManifestoEngineering
Performance Rubrics for Assessing EngineersEngineering
Creating an Engineering Design Document that Actually WorksEngineering
Manager Evaluation SurveysManagement
Performance Review TemplateManagement
OKR Check-In TemplateManagement
1:1 Meeting TemplateManagement
User Guide TemplateManagement
Virtual Offsite Sample AgendaHR
Available Candidate ListsHR
Onboarding Template from Offer Acceptance to End of First WeekHR
Total Compensation Package WorksheetHR
Allocating Equity Compensation TemplateHR
Candidate References TemplateHR
Introductory Phone Screen TemplateHR
Diversity Boolean SearchesHR
Hiring Pipeline Tracking TemplateHR
Job Description RepositoryHR
Recruiting ChecklistHR
Customer Feedback Sessions FormulaProduct
Product Scoping DocumentProduct
Product Spec TemplateProduct
Product Requirements Document "PRD" Template #2Product
Product Requirements Document "PRD" Template #1Product
Product Brief TemplateProduct
First Round's E-Commerce Financial Model TemplateFounders
First Round's SaSS Financial Model TemplateFounders
The First Round Way: Investor UpdatesFounders
COVID-19 Scenario Response Planner & MatrixFounders
Runway MatrixFounders
Strategic Planning TimelineFounders
Initiative Planning TemplateFounders
Company Strategic Planning TemplateFounders