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September 1, 2022
This week we turn our attention to a growth model that more early-stage startups should pay attention to.

The 5 Phases of Figma’s Community-Led Growth: From Stealth to Enterprise

For any startup, finding your wedge is essential to capture attention and warrant a second look from users. When you’re entering a crowded category, this wedge is what convinces folks to make the switch from whatever tool they were using before.

But when Figma first launched back in 2015, the design tool hadn’t quite put the finishing touches on what would be its main selling point — multiplayer design collaboration. Nonetheless, on launch day, it took the design Twittersphere by storm and racked up a waitlist for the private beta — a welcome relief after three years of quietly building in stealth.

Claire Butler, Senior Director of Marketing and Figma’s first business hire, credits the company’s community-led growth strategy for this feat. Butler joined Figma about six months before the product launch and began shaping the company’s bottoms-up growth strategy and laying the track for a vibrant community before the product was even publicly available.

When you hear community, you may think of an events strategy or starting a Slack group. With that framing in mind, most startup folks tend to think of community as something to tack on as an afterthought, after finding product/market fit. “Community is such a fuzzy word and there’s no standard definition. How I define community is that it’s not a set of specific programs or a Slack group. It’s an approach to building and your go-to-market strategy that orients around fostering a passionate user base who’s going to power up your product adoption,” says Butler.

In this exclusive interview, Butler imparts tons of lessons about how to build and cultivate a community along each phase of the startup journey. Here’s a sneak peek:

Phase 1: Lay the groundwork in stealth.

Phase 2: Capture attention on launch day.

Phase 3: Power up with early evangelists.

Phase 4: If you add on pricing, keep your magic moment free.

Phase 5: Stick to your roots as you bring in sales.

Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing.

-The Review Editors

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Butler also sat down for an interview with our In Depth podcast host, Brett Berson, for a community-led growth discussion.
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